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Welcome Fellow Animal Raisers and Gardeners!

What better gratification after a busy spring planting season than the harvesting of the summer bounty. When I first started farming, I loved coming home from work and feeding the animals...feeding and watering them got me excited about rabbit shows. Now we have added goats and chickens and many more animals than Purebred Pedigreed New Zealand rabbits.... What would I do to try to be here all the time, thats when HomesteadSupplies.net was born. All of our staff here at Silver Ridge are truly excited about the homestead fantastic products that will help you with harvesting, preserving, and best of all ENJOYING and sharing the flavors of your garden all throughout the year. We have researched many animal supplies and gardening products to verify that the quality, versatility and prices were the best because, although many of these products are new to our catalog and website, we insist on only offering products that add value and help achieve sustainability. We listened to your requests for “Homesteading” related products and are proud to present new rabbit and poultry raising accessories. That is sustainable living! Thank you for your patronage and for growing organically!

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Raising Rabbits

NEW ZEALAND RABBIT- Comes in white, black, and red. By crossing these different colors you get can broken or blue variety. These are one of the healthier hearty high production rabbit breeds. New Zealand’s are a breed that can be used for meat, pelts, show, and laboratory uses. Adult New Zealand’s can be more aggressive than other breeds although not all are aggressive. Weighing 9-12 lbs.
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Raising Chickens: Broilers vs. Layers

The biggest difference is the quick return on the investment of time and money when raising meat chickens instead of layers. Fast-growing broiler breeds can be on the table in less than two months; even gourmet meat breeds only take 12 weeks. In contrast, layers need about five months to produce their first eggs, and they require roosts, nest boxes, and winter housing. Meat birds just need protection from weather and predators.
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Boer Meat Goats: What is a Boer goat?

The Boer goat was developed in South Africa as a breed meant solely for meat production. The term “Boer” refers to the descendants of the Dutch immigrants, or Boers, most of them farmers, who settled the country; thus, “Boer” goat simply means “farmer’s” goat. Because of the intense selective breeding over the past 50 years or more by South African goat breeders, the Boer goat is considered far superior to any other goat for meat production. It is known for rapid weight gain and heavy muscling and has high fertility. Boer does typically give birth to twins.
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